Q. Are the properties accessible during the winter months?

A.   “Hampton Beach Properties is accessible from May 1st until mid or late November, depending on how early the snow arrives to stay. At that point we turn the central water system off.  We are selling a six and six lifestyle. Six months at Hampton Beach Properties and six months elsewhere.”

Q. Will we have to apply to the Island Regulatory & Appeals Commission (IRAC) before we purchase land?

A.   “A non-resident person or corporation, or a resident corporation must make application if the person or corporation will have an aggregate land holding”

  • in excess of 5 acres, or
  • having shore frontage in excess of 165 feet.

Q. How much are the annual lot levies or dues?

A.  “Lots 1-17 and lots 21-32 are serviced by the central water system. If you own one of these lots and are hooked up to the system, the annual water levy is $300.  If you are not hooked up to the system, the water levy is $150.  If you are on your own well there is no water levy. All lot owners pay a $250 road and common area maintenance fee. In addition, there is an annual grass gutting levy that applies to the restricted grass cutting areas outlined in Protective Covenant 13.  These areas are cut back once a year in late July or early August.  This levy can range from $50 if a house is on the lot to $100 without a home, for an acre lot, to $300 for the larger acreage lots.”

Q. How much can I expect to pay for property taxes?

A.  “PEI defines a resident as someone who resides in the province for 183 consecutive days or more in each taxation year. If you meet the definition you will pay $1 for every $100 in assessed value. If your lot is assessed at $50,000 for property tax purposes, your annual property tax bill will be $500.  If you are a non-resident for property tax purposes, you will pay $1.50 per $100 of assessed value or $750.”

Q. How much does it cost to hook up to the services?

A.  “Protective Covenants 29 and 30 go into detail as to what costs are the responsibility of lot owners related to hooking up to the central water system, drilling a well, and accessing power and telecommunications. Lot owners are also responsible for the cost of their own septic system.

  • Hooking up to the central water system will cost approximately $750
  • Drilling a well and installing a pump will cost approximately $7,000
  • Installing an approved Category 2 septic system will cost approximately $6,000

Running electrical wire and telecommunications to your home will cost approximately $50/metre ($15.25/foot), from the nearest transformer or power pedestal.  The cost includes excavation, conduit, wire, pulling the wire, backfilling and hooking up to your electrical meter.  The average distance for the acre lots on the central water system is between 80 and 100 feet.  The distances for the larger acreages are between 150 and 350 feet to the middle of the lots.

Q. What is the cost per square foot for construction?

A.    “We have broken down the cost per square foot of construction into three categories. The pricing of the three categories relate to the increased quality of flooring, cabinets, countertops, windows, doors, bathroom and lighting fixtures. Pricing does not include electrical and telecommunications, water system, well drilling or septic system. These costs are listed above.”

  • Basic 150/sq ft
  • Better 160/sq ft
  • Best 170/sq ft

Q. How do we manage a build from off island?

A.    “We will supply you the names of a number of reputable contractors that have managed the construction of many of the homes in the Hampton Beach Properties subdivision or let Hampton Beach Property Development & Management Inc manage your build and look after all the details.”

Q. Is there deeded access to the water?

A.    “All lot owners have deeded access to the water through two designated walkways that allow access to a 100 foot buffer zone that runs the entire length of shoreline which is approximately 1,900 feet. Within this buffer zone there are presently four beach access points.  As the community grow more access points may be added.”