We asked HBP Residents their thoughts :)


Paula, Ontario resident summering in HBP:

 “We bought before ever thinking of retiring. There is incredible value, dollar for dollar.”

Why Hampton? WE like the south shore. It’s quieter and less people. We love the tides. Now that I have grandchildren, the water is great. North shore is colder, rockier, rougher. South shore is great for my grandchildren in floaties.  “I’ve won the lottery. Kids love the south shore-tides, playing on the sand bars for hours. Safer for them to take out kayaks, boats, rafts. IT’s calm water and it’s safe. We are downtown people- not water people- so we feel safe.

The dogs can run on the beach! And in this community- we get a nice slide of the waterfront. We love the size of the lots.  And we wanted an investment. So the bylaws and covenants were really important.

We love that we’re so close to Victoria, Crapaud- so close to everything we need to get. Theatre, groceries, shows, restaurants, 30 minutes to Charlottetown- it’s a capital city with theatre, restaurants, college and university- airport is 30 minutes away. “I can fly quicker here and be at our cottage in PEI than I can drive to the cottage on the lake in bumper to bumper traffic.” Now there are good flights to Charlottetown and Moncton (New Brunswick). IT’s Really easy to fly here. “Truthfully going down that red dirt road, trees on one side, and ocean on the other. Just the view-it’s incredible.”



Laura , Year round PEI resident

Driving over the hill, this is crazy! Large lots, -we find on PEI -hard to find-community-where all nice cottages-usually a mix or hodge podge- we were young (mid 20s) when we were looking and wanted to make sure it was an investment. We liked the covenants, the beautiful homes that are already there, never a risk of the place going downhill.

WE love the peace and quiet, just getting away. Now that we even live on PEI-it’s a vacation, so relaxed, no hustle and bustle. Even our two year old said the other day “Mommy- we go to cottage?” Yeah-they just love it! IN September it was so nice . The kids love going for our nature walks up the lane, to the apple trees- so peaceful! And the beach- I think that’s the best beach on the south shore of PEI. It’s like the north shore -got white sand and dunes, like a little cove, even when the tide is high- you’ve got a place to sit or swim. You Can still enjoy the beach! I always knew we wanted beach. And when the tide is out- the kids love playing on the sandbars. It’s  their little dream worlds.

When I think of Hampton Beach Properties- ah gosh- honestly-doesn’t matter where we’re living- it’s home. It’s our little piece of home! We know its where we’ll be in our retirement. It’s our one piece of security we’ll always have.



Anne,  Retired Islanders returning to HBP  for  6 months every year.  

“Everyone who knows me knows about Hampton! I fell in love with the quiet and peace of the place. The affordability and proximity to the bridge, Charlottetown and Summerside, and my dear friend in Kinkora. We think it is the best! Now 5 years later, our kids and grand-kids all love it . They plan their holidays around being at the cottage in Hampton.



Interview with Bill, American summer HBP resident

How did you find HBP?

So in simple terms, we love the ocean. We wanted oceanfront property, found it on the internet and it appealed to us. Canada- I have strong Canadian roots. The name of it connects with us because my mother-in-law- lives in Hampton Beach, New Hampshire. So we decided to drive up and take a look right away!


What do you like most about HBP?

I like the beauty of the ocean. The comradery of the community of the neighbours, to be honest, it’s really the peace and the quiet. SO beautiful- everyday there is a beautiful sunrise and sunset- it’s the beauty of it- simple things for simple people-walk along the ocean- the absolute beauty-the air is crisp and cool.


When you think of HBP, what comes to mind?

So for us, we know we come from hustle and bustle of Boston. My wife works in a major medical center, my work was busy.  We love the simpler life- the peace and quiet-simpler aspects really appeal to us- well- the beauty of the ocean we love, the flow of air that’s crisp and clean, very comfortable place.  If I’m not walking, I’m sitting on my porch reading. It’s beautiful. You can’t beat it.


Do you know folks who should know about HBP?

Yes, we co-own with our good friends. PEI costs had a lot to do with it. Where can you find oceanfront property at that price? Think about our oceanfront along New England coast!